Anyone else trying to do slightly diverging locales?

Hey guys,

I have built a Spanish version of our page previously in the old/hacky way, ie. in a subfolder. Now, my situation is that I don’t have all the content 1:1 across those languages, eg. there are some extra pages that I need in EN that I don’t have in ES, and vice versa. And also content elements can or (have to be) be more or less diverging on pages that are similiar (eg. one obviously being the menu).

It seems to me that the new localization does not support having differing pages, at max different elements on a page (-> on the most expensive plan).

I am currently playing around with the basic localization plan, but it almost seems that I need to basically stick with the old folder approach. But even when trying to kinda combine both, there are some issues I am seeing:

  • I can’t manually define “this page is in english” or “this page is in spanish”, as Webflow stubbornly creates those localized pages (while they basically already exist)
  • That lack of being able to define it for a page creates issues eg. with search results
  • When combining the approaches, I could send to a spanish search results page, but it appears that it would not find spanish content because I can’t define that my existing pages are in Spanish?
  • Also in the CMS I still need to keep collections separate, because I can’t manually filter a collection list per Webflow locale :frowning:

So I guess a combination of folder-approach plus localization seems currently not intended.

Anyone else here dealing with a similar situation?


Oh, I really do get the struggle. It’s like fitting puzzle pieces that don’t quite match, right?

Sticking to a mix of both might be your best bet for now. Use subfolders for those unique pages and maybe try Webflow’s localization for the common stuff. It’s a workaround, but it could do the trick until you manage to find more flexible options.

Hang in there, and I’d love to hear if you find a smoother solution!