Best practices to build multi-language website with CMS, with localization urls?

Hi, we are building a website, that will be multilingual. We are using a folders for different languages, where we have duplicates of the pages and manually translates them. Although we need 2 pages being in english, one for the UK audience and one which is Global.
Im having hard time to figure out how to correctly set up the Collection items for different languages.
The most important thing for us, is to be able to have urls with localizations within the CMS- e.g -,, and one with no locale.
Is there any way to make this possible? Would you suggest creating separate CMS collections for each language? Or any other suggestions?

Hi Evka, unfortunately Webflow doesn’t have any options for customizing paths with additional parts ( like language dirs ), or the ability to place Collection pages in folders, so you’re very limited in what structures you can create natively.

Your best bet is to use a product like Polyflow which will handle all of the language pathing for you, plus the CMS translation support, plus the hreflang links, and the multilingual sitemap.xml.