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Issue about adding another languages

Hi, guys.

So, I’ve created a website for a client using webflow. But later the client asked to insert another language to expand business to other countries.

I’ve found a workaround of using a script and tags to hide/show texts. The problem is the SEO, because I wouldn’t be able to set titles, metadescriptions, etc. Also, the main site has a blog and, for the translated version, won’t, so I have to hide a menu button.

Also, the client asked that the url of the translated site ends in a folder, like (es beeing spanish). That means that I have to put the new site inside a specific folder, but them I think I need to duplicate the entire site inside a folder, correct? And what about the CMS contents? I will need to duplicate all collections as well. I think it would become a mess!

Well, as you can see I’m completely lost in what I should do.

Can you help me?

I have had to build and support large multi-language sites for large clients where SEO was critical. Since the requirements typically included multi-language at the beginning I used a CMF / CMS that has this functionality in the core. For clients that decided to do it later, I migrated them. If there is a bunch of money on the table (potential international business) then you might consider the same.

There is a tutorial you could look at that is a workaround. [TUTORIAL] Full Multi Language Site - Easy to set-up and to use!

You can hack a webflow site to accomplish the content side (partial) but not the SEO. Until the features exist in the core, I suggest looking at an alternate.

My choice for multi-language sites is . When you enable a the feature ,
fields are created for each language in a template. You populate the content, use the same images and code, and the engine will render the language in a subdirectory matching the language abbreviation. All meta-tags are set to each language. There are other solutions as well. I like PW because there are no limits and I can theme it with a design created in webflow rather easily.

Got a budget? Feel free to PM me.