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Hey Community,

I need your help.

Essentially, I’m trying to create my portfolio(s) using the CMS. That way I can easily add portfolios to my site. Within said portfolio(s), I would obviously use name, services, description but I wanted to display my work using the multi-image field and have it displayed as a slider.

Is this possible? I’ve search Fin Sweet and the web and I cannot find how to do this.

Thanks in advance.


Dang, nobody? Not even @memetican or @PixelGeek or @webdev ?

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Have you tried this method?


I have checked this out. This method has me creating a collection of slides rather than a collection of portfolios (case studies).

In order to make this all work, I would need to create a collection of portfolios and a separate collection of slides. Then, when I create each portfolio, I would build a collection inside each portfolio and filter slides from the slide collection.

This is a disaster waiting to happen.

So, I’m looking to use the multi-image field inside one collection and have it display inside a slider.

Does that make sense?


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I don’t have a solution then. Sorry.
This would come in handy for other purposes too, like for a real estate listing page that has text info and a slider with property/home images.
It’s too bad that the multi-image field doesn’t have an option for pagination. If it did, the above tutorial solution would work.

Here’s an example of a custom cms slider that doesn’t rely on pagination. Might be worth looking into.

Yeah, it is a feature that would be really great. I guess if it’s just a feature Webflow offers, I’ll build the pages individually.

We’re trying to do the same thing. We were able to create a multi-image field and the slider. But it’s not responding correctly. See here: Webflow - Francine Gersting Interiors

The only solution is to use custom code slickslider ( javascript library) works great with cms.

Is this what you’re referring to?

This one is a slick YES but the doc and how to is here

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