CMS Multi-Image field slider

Hey guys, I’m struggling to figure out how to put the Multi-image field pictures from CMS for each person in their own slider. It’s feels surprisingly complicated.

Does anyone know a good approach for this?
Currently in the preview I’ve only added the multi-image field pictures to the Alex card. Also not sure why they are repeating the same image.

Here is my public share link: Webflow - photo-sessio

Hello @Zenithix, the multi image field is working. Right now it only show pictures of Alex because that collection item is the only one with images inside its multi image field. Once you place images on the other cms items they should appear however you set them to. I hope this helps.

Hey Pablo, yeah I understand this but the problem I am facing is that I can’t get Alex’ multi-image field colleciton list to populate a slider with slides of each image.

Reading Webflow docs in the ‘Populating a slider with collection items’ section
Slider - Webflow University Documentation
it says that sliders can’t be automatically populated with dynamic content but there is a workaround.

I do not understand the workaround though because to get access to the Multi-image field I had to nest a second Collection List which I can place into one of the slides but the workaround says that each slide would need its own collection list but when I try to add more collection lists into each slide it gives an error ‘You cannot have more than 1 nested Collection List on a single page’

I see what you mean now @Zenithix, so I don’t know why you cant nest another collection, the multi image one, on your current collection, you should be able to do it. Yesterday when I checked it you had the nested collection, right? Maybe it is a glitch, try rebuilding it like you had it yesterday. Once you have your collection nested with your multi image field you can try to use cms slider from Finsweet CMS Slider for Webflow - No-code using Attributes. I hope this helps!

I see now why you can’t have another collection on your current cms, you have a collection on one of your slides inside the slider. Delete that collection, nest the multi image field, and connect the slider with the multi image field using the Finsweet solution. I hope this helps!

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But how can I nest the multi image field if I delete the second collection? It seems like it is needed to access that field. I tried connecting the slider with the Finsweet but instead of placing the slider images on Alex it placed it on the first card and adding the attributes with the numbers didn’t seem to work for me.

Hey @Zenithix, it was hard for me to see exactly where it was not working because I can’t test js or publish with your read only link, however I built one quick prototype testing the finsweet solution and it just doesn’t work on nested collections. I thought it could work, but it just places all the nested images from the multi-image field into the first slider. You will have to use individual images rather than the multi-image field. Sorry for the confusion.

This other solution might work for your case, CMS Slider + CMS Attribute | Attributes

Thanks for helping out, yeah I kind of tunnel visioned into using the multi-image field, trying to make it work with custom code and forgot that just using multiple single image fields for the featured images is an option and makes it super simple so I’ll go with that :smiley:

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