CMS "Multi-Image" field as a Slider - Possible issues with Collection Lists as well

OK, I’ve seen this question a few times (sort of) but have yet to see a working answer - it actually looks like this was a working answer, but doesn’t seem to work for me right now (not sure why): Tutorial - Dynamic Multi-Image Slider - Webflow

What I thought would be fairly simple is turning out to be a nightmare. I don’t want to use Lightbox, and I’d really rather not go into Pagination. I assumed a Multi-image field on a CMS item would allow me to create a slider for that multi-image field. This doesn’t seem to be the case, however, I’m looking for ways to do it.

I have a CMS Collection, called ‘Sculptures.’

This collection has a main image field (fine).

This collection also has a multi-image field (I have filled them all with sample images at the moment).

I want to have a slider (webflow slider) that can show all of the images in the multi-image field. I feel like I am very close following the above linked tutorial, but somehow, he links his Collection List to a Field in the CMS, and not the CMS Collection itself. Mine seems to lock when I relate it to Sculptures, and I can’t go down a level (which in his demo, looks like he is able to do just this, so that then the Collection items that display ARE the actual images in the multi-image field).

I kind of feel like I’m going crazy. Let me know if I am…

Thanks in advance!!

LOL - I figured it out. If anyone needs the same help, hit me up! My issue was that I was doing it on a NON-CMS page. It NEEDS to be on a CMS “template” style page.

Hey Avianu!

Finsweet is a known source that provides Webflow “extensions”; they also have a Webflow CMS slider which works great!

Let me know this helps you in the right direction.