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Modernized my existing site (V:2)

Hey guys I modernized my previous site into this. Be sure to take a look and post your honest feedback. I really do listen to your guys’ advise and change my website when appropriate.:wink:

Be sure to comment what you think. :+1:

By the way: for all those new the iMacs are made 100% in Webflow. :grinning:

The goal of the site was to have the users solemnly focus on the websites I have created. Therefore the only color are the websites on the iMac screens.

nice and simple. :slightly_smiling:

great job!

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nice one vlad. i think you deserve at least two more sirki.

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Here are the updates that were made regarding your guys’ suggestions. Please suggest anything and what I think still needs to be added will be included. Thank you for all your great feedback and suggestions. :wink::blush::+1:

Here’s the current list of things to be added:

@sabanna check, real iMac

@kasperkazzual check, more text

@DFink still to be made. [please play around with it if you would like to. I can’t seem to make the curves look 3D on the 3D stand]

@McGuire Just wanted to get your opinion on it :wink:

@cgmindd And yours :+1:

Good job.
And I can understand your love to “sirki”. It was one of my favorite treats back in Ukraine.

P.S. :wink: Here is one more improvement that you can add. Apple logo in pure CSS

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Nice! The site and portfolio work look great. Good stuff Vlad.

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Hi @VladimirVitaliyevich, improved once again, kudos!

And because you ask for comments: :slightly_smiling:

I would try to find another serif font for your plain text, this ‘times’ isn’t very exciting but that’s just my taste.

And maybe you can improve the stand further more, at least by giving the foot some thickness. Easier said than done…


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This was my major comment, too! Great progress, @VladimirVitaliyevich, please keep us all updated as you make more changes. Can’t wait to see it continue to evolve! :smile:

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@McGuire @TomLamers
Yes, this was a concern of mine. The problem was, was that I wanted to later have the site maybe be in Cyrallic as well so I needed to find a responsive Cyrallic/Latin font. Will maybe try for some new fonts though. :wink::+1:

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