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My First EVER Official VW/VH/EM Website 🖥 💻📱

Hello everybody, I recently released my new portfolio website and would like to know what you guys think of it. I tried my best to use fully VW, VH, and EM measurements. this is the first time I use VW/VH measurements on a live website. Question, are there too many interactions on the website or is it just enough to flow with the theme of the website? Please comment…critique is greatly appreciated! Whether the things you liked on the website or the things you didn’t like, all comments are greatly welcomed. Please comment…

EDIT: This is the old site. Check out my new site below:

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Hi nice site.

I would work on the typography. The welcome message is hard to read, because you don’t have enough line height. The all caps on that font also lets the letters bleed together.

This is true for the intro text as well. not enough line height.

From a conversion perspective your pricing section gives me more questions then it answers. What is the difference between a $90 dollar website and a $900 dollar website? Are you selling templates?

Just some of my thoughts hope you find them helpful :smile:

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Okay thank you, will think about some ways of interacting the price to the user more strategically. Although I do not know what you mean by the letters bleeding together, I have tried the website on all types of computer monitors as well as an iPhone and can not find the letters ever bleed together. can you maybe send a screenshot?

Try this perhaps :)? I like to take the ‘less is more’ approach… The typography was also the first thing I noticed.

Thanks for the screen shot, I edited the typography a bit. It seems to be better now.

I am debating weather to add some new pages so that when you press on one of the project names under “projects” whether it should have a page explaining about the project or just go straight to the link of the official website.

I agree. I would make you introduction 3-4 short sentences tops! right now it looks like a wall of text. Good Looking site though! I’d also increase your rates, 96 bucks for a custom site is crazy cheap. My sites start at $1000 and go up from there.

You should also get rid of the empty boxes on the projects section to make it only show the two that are up. Having the empty boxes conveys a sense that you are inexperienced.

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Will take all your advise into consideration. Thank you for your contribution! :yum:

I would also show previews of the sites you’ve already built. And change the dutch word ‘verstuur’ into ‘send’ :smiley:


Thanks @TomLamers for your feedback, I guess I will get to work building separate previews of the site. Although concerning the Dutch language on my website, on my monitor it appears in English, may you please share a screenshot with me of what you are seeing? Thanks! :smiley:

Well that’s odd that you don’t see it but here my screen shot:

@TomLamers Do you use Chrome or Safari? Because a problem I have experienced with Chrome is that if you go on a website that is not your native language or the language in your area it will automatically switch the language of your area. I think that is what happened because I do not know dutch and the only languages I have mastered are Russian and English. Here is a screenshot of the website in Safari…Can you please try out Safari and see what language the Submit button is? Thank you so much for pointing this error out. :smiley::yum:

Oh but it is Safari that I use all the time… Strange this

Now I am completely confused…:worried::confused:

I checked out the site. It’s nice and runs good on my note5. I personally think what captures peoples attention is pictures. If you are able to get people to look at your work by pictures instantly, you connect to them mentally and the more they dwell deeper into the site. Nothing wrong with your site, just a different viewpoint from another guy somewhere around the world.

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Thanks for the amazing critique! :grinning: My first couple of portfolio sites were with pictures although then I chose to switch styles and focus more on sites with a lot of clean space and icons. Although this is a very good idea. Maybe my next website will have pictures. I typically enjoy doing websites without pictures though just because it is easier and my preferred style but you make a very good point. As you can see on my Webflow portfolio I could use more websites that contain more pictures and have a more variation of styles. Thanks! @cgmindd You mentioned you were somewhere around the world, in what language did the Submit button appear to you? It seems to be appearing in different languages around the world :grinning::wink:

It turns out that for different languages the button language does change. I tried it out on my new iPhone which is now set to a default of Russian language and the whole website was in English except the Submit Button which was in cyrillic. @Waldo and @PixelGeek I have a question, so should I just write Send instead of leaving the default SUBMIT phrase in order to disable this language changing effect? Here is a screenshot of the site on my iPhone which changed to Russian [cyrallic text] which resulted in an ugly text because the current text does not support cyrillic…

It turns out I just had to type in Submit rather than leaving it at the default submit option.

Now I have experienced another problem, the Projects Section Div’s are not how they appear on the Webflow previewer, any suggestions on how to fix this? Preview
Webflow Preview iPhone:


Hey @VLADinSACRAMENTO try removing the set height on the text inside of the portfolio link block holder element. :smile: For responsive design, I try to stay away from setting heights on certain elements and letting the padding do the work for me instead :smiley:

​Please let me know if this solves the problem, if not, I’m happy to help further :slight_smile:

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