100% made iMac in Webflow!

Hey guys, this is my new portfolio and name. I also rebranded everything [I was formerly known as VLADinSACRAMENTO] though am now known by my official first name Vladimir Vitaliyevich. Hope you guys enjoy the simplicity of the portfolio and be sure to check out the cool iMac’s made 100% in Webflow.

Vladimir Vitaliyevich is my brand that works in all parts of the world and provides beautiful websites. The iMacs’ are completely 100% made in Webflow with some simple HTML and CSS. I listened to all your guys’ advise and made a simplistic yet UI/UX friendly website. I hope you guys enjoy!

Be sure to comment what you like and what you don’t. I am still perfecting this site.

Check the site out here. Thank you for your time. :smiley:


Nice to see you moving to the next level :slight_smile: Site looks more adult. Clean and professional. :+1:

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@sabanna Thank you. I appreciate the good feedback.

Hey Vlad, I opened your site on my Note5. Looks professionally made! Not bad!

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Where is this iMac you speak of? I can’t find it on any of the pages. Am I missing something? That ShopForce site looks awesome! That would make an awesome template for a landing page!

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Thanks, I’m am trying to go into the direction of a more professional approach towards website design. As well as a more strategic UI/UX design. I am glad you like it. :wink::blush:

Vlad, I’m loving the new layout. :heart_eyes: I will say, though, that the computer-shaped backgrounds are nearly invisible. Have you considered darkening them a bit so people can see them a bit better?

@McGuire Yes, I have gotten many requests so far to make it more contrasting colors. As also @DFink stated that you cannot see the iMacs. The problem is I think the monitor pixels on different monitors vary on how much you see the iMac. For example, the iMac 4K that I work on has a huge contrast in colors… While when I view the iMacs on my iPhone there is not the same colors. I will play around with the colors and alert you when I have found better colors that all people can see. Thanks for the feedback. I’ll update you shortly. :wink::+1::blush:

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Hey @McGuire and @DFink, with the awsome help of @sabanna :grinning: I was able to make the iMacs darker as well as more realistic playing with Webflow’s 3D features. Although I plan on adding more features i just wanted to share the progress made so far. Hope this is better. Be sure to voice your opinions. :wink:


Cool website! Very clean and simple :slight_smile:
Only thing I miss is a bit of text. Not only for SEO purposes, but also just for clarity :slight_smile:

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Wow! This is such an incredible improvement. They look great!

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Next step should be the bottom part (silver) of screen frame :wink: for make it even more realistic

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Yup, definite improvement, the curves on the bottom of the stand too. Or it could simply be called a cinema display instead of an iMac

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