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How simple can too simple be?

Ok, so I needed to redesign my site ( but no matter what I did, design wise, I could just not let go of the fact I love the original design, logo, flow, simplicity of it but it was starting to look outdated.


I though I’d use Webflow and give it some spice! I would love to hear your thoughts before I finalise it with copy etc.

Personally a big fan of simplicity. Spot on, fits the context nicely.

It might just be me, but I can’t see a clear navigation on either site?

Old site:

I kinda like the bright red and the darker grey - better contrast and seems to hold the design together more firmly.

“For Apple Help & Advice Without the Fuss or Headaches Click Here” seems strong. I’d keep that.

New Site

The typography seems a little weak. Seeing as the type makes up most of the content (if not all of it), I’d experiment further with it.

Not sure what’s going on with the navigation? I’d stick with a proven recipe…


I’m not 100% sure a re-design is necessary? I like your current site. If anything, I’d build on that.

One thought that came to mind would be to make the services a little more visible - rather than having to scroll down a page. Make sense? Maybe even on the homepage.

Thanks Joe, really appreciate you taking the time to ‘review’ it!

I’m actually still working on Copy so that part is not finalised yet, but good things are coming :slight_smile:

Looking at my stats and watching people going through my site (via an external service) I found that they stay on a page for no more than 10 seconds on average, and found that they wanted a quick way to get the contact details. “My Mac is dead, I need help NOW!” etc etc etc.

So wanted to keep the simplicity of the site as it was but make it softer and less ‘bright’ hence toning down the brand colour etc. This is also why I went with the font I did. (I will look into it more now though!)

Regarding the navigation, well if you look at my portfolio, the original site did have navigation, but again, people LOVE to click, get bored, then click away ( and I did try the non navigation before and it seemed to work better (for my business/site) more people did contact!

The site has been running for over 4 years and it’s done wonders for getting new clients! Simplicity sells it seems.

I do have a blog, but this is more for me than clients reading it, but wanted a way to incorporate it into the site without making it look like a blog. hence the Pre. Next buttons rather than a full list of posts.

Again, thanks for the insight, I will check out new font ideas… :nerd_face::+1:

Hi there,

The site gives me a feel of high class and immediate trust. Makes me feel like you know your stuff. Looking only for someone to help me out with my Mac, I’d buy. Staying on the site however I would not longer than absolutely needed. It really is oversimplistic and you do nothing to break your pattern. I can’t tell one site from the other as they all look the exact same. No reason for me to click on anything else, there is nothing visually that grabs my attention and makes me want to stay and learn more.

Also I dont understand why you only ever use 1/3 of the screen size available. That leaves a big gaping whole with nothing visually interesting. It also makes me feel like you were just too lazy to think of something interesting. Why not at least have something follow you on scroll or display ANYTHING that saves my eyes from this vastness of empty space.

This is a good example of a website I would just use a read tool if I were interested in the content because a) is the contrast for blogposts too weak (reading is very hard on your site) and b) too small.

So you have a great introduction of your site and a very nice hero section and then your site falls flat on its face.

You don’t need a navigation on your index, I agree (except on mobile). But what of your users that do want to explore and learn more? You are making it very hard on them.

Were I personally feel the most disappointed is your mobile website. It really begs for higher contrast and / or bigger font weight.

Sorry if this sounds harsh because overall I really like your site and I think it fits your business great. However chances of me visiting ever again: 0

You better visit again @Karl-Heinrich (!!) :+1:

But all great points, really. I have adjusted the contrast on the mobile site, and yep, it does look better for sure.

The issue with clients that visit the site is that they just want to know how they can get in touch with me, they’re not really there to read on how I fix stuff, or how I can make their networks any better.

If you think about it, all clients really want is a quick list of what you do, but most importantly, how was the service from past clients.

So my idea, after looking into my site stats and watching users interact, is that I need to make the contact very visible, but keeping it within my ‘style/brand’ and give a little info about what I do, as they just simply don’t read it.

Again this is mostly a redesign for me with my clients in mind (going by the data I have)

The old site and the design in general have done wonders for me, I’ve made more than 3k clients in the past 4 or so years, so I’m guessing it’s all good.

But have taken all your points into consideration and actually have implemented a few of them too :nerd_face::+1:

Hahah maybe :wink:

I sure believe you are doing well, as I said, I’d probably buy too.

If your goal is just to have a nice advertisement than I don’t really understand why you wouldn’t built like 20 or 30 hero sections and split test them against each other.

I don’t have a service like yours but I do Adwords and we start off with at least(!) 20 version of an ad and some of them almost immediately get thrown out of the funnel. Because apparently our users don’t like them. Sometimes it is just a change in one word.

So for 200$ we get 1 mio page views/month but after optimising, we get 2mio page views/month. Thats a lot of views for the same money and the conversion also almost doubled. Just by mixing it up a tiny tiny bit because the display ads are very very small.

So in your case: Screw taste. Display whatever converts.

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