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Modal displays dynamic content in preview, but things get messed up when published 😐


I’m trying to create a modal for my dynamic list. I need the modal to display content from the collection.

I have created the modal, set position:fixed and it looks okay in the editor:

However, on the published site, it seems as the modal is stuck within the parent dynamic elements’ dimensions:

If I move the modal out from the Dynamic List, it displays just okay, but I can’t link content from the CMS.

What could be the problem?

Thank you!

Please can you create a share link:

Here you go:

And here is the preview link:

Page: ## Modal Issue
Password: webflow

Thank you.

Sorry for the delay Norbert.

I’ve had a look. There’s not much I can do as it’s not displaying anything when I preview the page and I can’t access it on the published site because there’s a password on it.

Maybe this might help:

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