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Custom CMS Lightbox Not Opening Correct Image

I have built a lightbox out of Interactions but am having trouble with the correct information populating the lightbox. This is using the cms and the lightbox components are nested within a collection. It is the Gallery at the bottom of the page. Check it out here please!!

Thanks for your help.

So basically you want to create a modal for each image right? Not necessary have them connected? I can give you pretty simple instructions if thats the case. I just built the same sort of thing on this page using dynamic content

They dont have to be connected. I am trying to use the CMS functionality and a lightbox.
Can i see your share link so i can see what you did?

You can’t use some of our components with your dynamic collections yet. But there is a workaround that @sabanna has done. Here is a tutorial:

Hope this helps :smiley:

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Thanks i will try this out!

That tutorial is exactly what I did, so you should be good to go! Tip for when you are modifying or editing the lightbox: Set the dynamic list to limit items to 1, to see only one item while editing. Otherwise, you’ll see all your items simultaneously stacked on top of each other and the background will go black instead of transparent black. That can be confusing.