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Different formatting between preview and published site?

Read-only link HERE

Published site HERE

Hi all,

I’m working with a modal that pops up for the specific item in a collection when the respective ‘Learn more’ button is clicked. When I test it out in preview on the Webflow design page, it works great! The modal pops up, the ‘x’ in the top right corner is visible (so I can close the window), the background color is the right amount of dark fading, and the modal itself appears fixed and in the center of the screen wherever I scroll.

Once I publish it’s a different story - the modal itself still pops up fine, but the formatting changes quite a bit. The modal itself is fixed to a point on the website and I have to scroll down to see it (where I’d prefer to have it glued to the center of the screen wherever I’ve scrolled to on the page, such as in Webflow’s preview), the ‘x’ is not visible (likely further above the modal, which I thought I had fixed when I went through and changed the positioning at each breakpoint), and the background is somehow a lot lighter than expected.

I’m wondering if these same issues are appearing for others when comparing the preview from the read-only link to the published site. Any advice is appreciated, cheers!