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Modal closes in preview, but not on live site

Hi guys,

I’ve created the lightbox using dynamic images, and everything seemed to be going OK. When I close the lightbox modal in preview mode, it closes OK. Now I’ve published, it won’t close on the live site… but still works on the preview.
(also, I open one image, and the interaction works OK, but every image thereafter loses the nice interaction)

The images in question are currently on the Bridal and Bridesmaid pages, the modal is not set up on the others yet.

Tried it in safari and in chrome, and still the same issue.

I’m stumped!

Here is my public share link: LINK
(how to access public share link)

Where is the lightbox modal? What page or section?

The lightbox modal is on the Bridal page nested in the dynamic list. div class is lightbox-wrapper

Is anyone able to understand the issue at all? Please let me know if I need to provide more details. I really can’t spot the problem and I’m getting more and more frustrated with it :weary: :weary:

Hey there… I took a quick look at this; it seems like it could be a bug as it is working on the preview mode but not on the published site… Did you try unpublishing your site and then republishing it? Go to the Site Settings Page and click on the little rocket:

I don’t know if that will do it but sometimes there’s something that’s not being overwritten and republishing it could fix it…

Always worth a try, but unfortunately not solved it. I’ve just been thinking it’s something I’ve done wrong, but seeing as it works in preview I guess not.

Thank you fort he response Alan!

You got it…

I’ll take another look at it later tonight and I’ll let you know if I find something…

Hi @magicmark it looks like you have conflicting interactions where when you click the parent element of the modal to open the lightbox, it opens the modal, but when you click the close button you’re also clicking on the open action item technically. Consider adding another absolute positioned element to bind the “open” interaction to rather than the “parent element”.

Hi @Waldo

I did initially have an absolute box when I first posted. However I’ve created one again so you can see. It works in preview mode still, but not on published live site.

Have I positioned the absolute element correctly? I have set the z-index higher than everything else too if that makes any difference.

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