Minus fields in CMA all of a sudden

Hi! I tried to google this but didn’t find any answer… I had 60 fields before and now it say -28. I think it happened when I launched the site, but am not sure. Anyhooo, now I can’t use up the two left fields that I should still have, and minus just seems like a very bad thing…

Sounds like you’ve downgraded your hosting plan from Business to CMS?
So 60 fields to 30?

If not, contact support to let them know there’s a glitch.

The site hadn’t been published yet. When I published it I chose CMS plan. I just saw that that plan only provides 30 fields and that I need to pay 36USD a month for a business plan in order to have 60 fields. That is just crazy. Do they actually have an extra costs for providing 30 more fields? It seems like a made up thing. I run a non-commercial artist run exhibition space and there is no budget for 36USD a month. Is there anything I can do about this, you know?

I’m pretty sure the +30 fields isn’t the only added feature of the business plan. :laughing:
But I haven’t compared recently.

The easiest way around that is to design your CMS so that individual tables do not require more than 30 fields. That’s generally not difficult to do if you plan ahead.

People often make the mistake of using a ton of text fields, when a single RTF would replace half of them.

Yes, hehe, of course.

The reason to why I have used so many is because Webflow don’t have any way to implement a slideshow without knowing how to code. I need two slideshows and I need to use 31 fields for those to make it work in a reasonably flexible way.

What is RTF?

This is my website, by the way:


RTF = rich text field, but I can see that your design is image heavy and relies on sliders.
Image gallery fields can hold 25 images each, and then you can bind them to a sub collection list on your individual exhibition page.

From there, a no code option that should work for you is Finsweet’s CMS Slider

Or if you want something slicker with more animation options ( but requires a bit of code ), I like swiperjs