CMS Field Amount Reduction?

Hey all,

Has anybody noticed a reduction in the amount of fields they can have per CMS collection item?

I have a site that I have built over the past 20 days, building the CMS out in the first few.
Now that I’m about to go live with it tomorrow, I decided to go back through everything and give it all a final once over, and find that there are some unnecessary fields in the CMS. I go to delete them and save, and it says that I have -7/30 available fields so it’s unable to save ANY changes I make until I get below that 30 field limit.

This is driving me up a wall, I would’ve put it on everything I own that just days earlier, I was able to have up to 50 fields. And I know I’m not crazy, because my CMS has 37 fields on it, an extra 7 than what’s “allowed” to be there! How would I add an extra 7 if it wasn’t just previously allowed to be higher??

I tried finding any changes listed to the CMS field amount on the forums, webflow blog, update log, or anywhere, but I can’t find anything.

Can someone please tell me I’m not crazy?

Business plan allows 60 fields, CMS plan 30 fields.
Did you change?

no, i’ve been on CMS this entire time. Never changed, and my webflow plan hasn’t changed either-- I suspected that might’ve had something to do with it, but I haven’t touched those since creating the website, it’s been on CMS the whole time.

Any other ideas?

Can’t say, but a plan change is the only logical explanation.

Either Business Plan → CMS Plan
Or Starter Plan → CMS Plan

I would have thought you’d be prevented from those kind of plan change though, unless the “does it meet plan reqs” code was offline temporarily.

Only support can see the back end, you might contact them.