Updating My Portfolio Site

Hi everyone. :smiley:

I have recently been having issues with changing things or even saving things on my portfolio site. I have been reassured that the Webflow engineers are looking into it.

However, I am a Web Designer, so I need a website that I can modify. I want to recreate my current site, while refining issues and adding new things.

I’d love some suggestions! :smiley:

Current (Switching from this one): http://minewire.webflow.io
Coming Soon: I will update this when it is complete. I’m making big changes.

Nothing is really finalized, I just want to make it cleaner and fix issues.

Nice site! Love the intro boxes! One thing though. The animated background on your “Introduction” site is a bit annoying. I think it will be easy for people to feel some motionsickness from it. Other than that, great :smile:

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Thanks for the feedback! What intro boxes, though?

Also I might try to make a way for users to disable the image by clicking on a button.

The intro page you arrive at when clicking your link to the site…the page with Introduction, Design Cycle etc… :smile:

Very nice. I like everything on this site :smile:

Ahhh I see. Well people seemed to like the fact that the background moved, but I’ll see what I can do. :smiley:

Thanks @Olson!

No worries! It’s just my two cents. We have all different preferences…:slight_smile:


Nice site!

However, there are a couple of errors on the contact page. It appears that the hight of your title is not consistent with the other pages, resulting in your logo covering part of the title. Also the send button appears to be half off the page at the bottom.

Otherwise, great job! I also think that there some of the animation is a bit too much on every page, but again that’s just my view.

Thanks for the feedback. What I meant in my post is that this is the site with errors and this is what I am updating it to.

@MinewireNetwork Wow very nice sir. Question: how did you do the line art animation in the background of the columns or divs?

It was some custom code with help from @Waldo for hosting and implementation. :smiley:


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Nice, but how do you insert it? just HTML code?

Well since it was already being hosted, all I had to do was add:

<script src="https://s3.amazonaws.com/youfoundwaldo/crystals/base.js"></script>

<script src="https://s3.amazonaws.com/youfoundwaldo/crystals/crystallized.js"></script>

Then name a div “Container.”

If you were to use that code, you would have the same colors, since it is hosted.


I don’t want to use it man thats yours. I just love the look and wanted to know how it works. Very nice. Did you create it?

I actually didn’t create it. I was just looking around on a designer blog and saw these great effects.

Thanks :smiley: