Migration of full Wordpress site to Webflow


I am new here around and really excited to use the fully potential of Webflow. Our website is currently on Wordpress which we are using with Elementor and other Plugins.

We are now confronted with some security/malware issues and want to switch to Webflow asap. To do this, we are looking for the easiest and fastest way to migrate our current website with all pages on Webflow. I read through several articles both here and watched tons of videos, but it did not helped me further. Is there are certain way to realize this, or should we rather start from scratch as it makes no difference?

Thank you.

Just start from scratch, it’s not build to convert over to Webflow

The major issue you will have to face is on the blog part, if ther is interneals likns in articles you will have to write a script to rewrite all internal link to the new slug url in webflow . Appart from this, Yes you have to rebuilt everything