Moving blog content from Wordpress to Webflow - Any advice?

I have a Wordpress blog under domain name X that is generating high value traffic but not a ton of volume.

I need to move the content of the Wordpress blog X to a new domain we’ll call Y which is built using webflow.

Is this the basic process to follow?

  • Create a full backup of WordPress site
  • Use the Duplicator WordPress plugin to move WordPress content
  • Upload WordPress content to the new domain
  • Setup 301 Redirects
  • Notify Google

Are there any tips or plugins or tools that I can use to import my content to Webflow without destroying my tables, layout, formatting, SEO etc.?

Wordpress is much easier to use when creating tables, finding internal links to use, and the Yoast SEO plugin is great too.

I feel like this is a terrible idea and I’m going to regret. Any advice is appreciated if you’ve done something like this before or have any recommendations on how to make creating a blog post as easy as it would be in Wordpress. Thanks!

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What value are you expecting to get by migrating? I am trying to think of one and coming up blank.

Thanks for the reply. I’m starting a new business and webflow is ideal for my purposes. I’m trying to funnel some of my traffic to the new business because that content is relevant and not monetized.

Are there any plugins/widgets that make writing blog posts on webflow almost as easy as on Wordpress?

Webflow does not support plugins. As such, you will have to use the rich text field editor to create/maintain content. This component does have an integration to embedly, which makes it easy to paste in URL’s from over 600 services that will create a related object within your content. This is similar to Gutenberg’s features. However the migration of content is challenging as Webflow does not support custom code within your posts, does not support shortcodes, and does not support responsive images in rich text fields in the CMS. So before you jump you might want to do a trial build to see what your issues may be. I much prefer Wordpress’s gutenburg editor and it’s capabilities over Webflow’s RTF. Want to add a gallery in a posts content? Not possible. That is just one example. I love Webflow for what it is good at. I don’t think blogging is one of those. Good luck with your project. If you need conversion services let me know.

Thanks for the help!