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Considering moving to Webflow

Hi. We are considering moving our real estate website from WordPress to Webflow, see https://eiendomsmeglerfordeg.no/ (its in WP now).

Its very basic functions. Built with Elementor.

Does anyone see any immediate issues or functionality that will not be possible to recreate in Webflow? Tips for making the transition smooth?

I browsed your site entirely, 100% doable with Webflow and you’ll be able to add more functionalities by using the CMS I am sure. The pages with a table of content at the top will also beneficiate from the Anchor function of the @Finsweet CMS library, most probably. You can find an agency or a freelance Webflow partner here https://experts.webflow.com/, there’s also a Freelance section here in the forum when you can look for a Webflow designer.

Best tip: it’s never too soon to prepare your content. Export it to CSV from your WP site, clean it as much as you can, make sure the body RT field doesn’t contain too many weird things. Extract also all text and assets from static pages, organize all that neatly, ready to be handed over to the designer (it will also possibly help to get a precise and quick quote). Prepare a document summarizing how the new site should look, what additions you want from the current wp site.

And don’t forget that a website story doesn’t end with it being published, it’s only the beginning. Unless you take over the Webflow project at that time, the collaboration with your designer will just start there. So refrain to negotiate the price down too much from the quote, find one that you’re comfortable with. If you drag the price down too much, that’s not a good start for a long-term collaboration. You have to understand the price quoted and the needs of the designer. By accepting his terms, you’ll also prevent yourself getting price surprises down the road for maintenance and additions.

Hope all of this helps.

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