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Wordpress - migrating and cms


I like Webflow and would like to work with it.
The problem is with potential clients who are used to WP/heard most businesses are using WP/already used WP themselves.

If they would insist for the website to be build on WP, I understand I can migrate the Webflow website to WP (with a plugin)

Now, is there anything I have to keep in mind that might bring issues?

  1. Forms won’t work. What is the solution for this?
  2. CMS won’t work. How does that work then? How can customer be using their blog/changing pages etc. Will you build a blog for them in WP? How does that connect to Webflow which would be in WP?
  3. How would all this affect SEO?

Apologies, if this is all newbie questions but I cannot find answers anywhere.

Thank you for your time :blush: