Webflow website on Wordpress


we are an online ecommerce shop that sells product keys, we are using currently Wordpress with WooCommerce.

The developer that built our website made it with Elementor, is hella heavy, hella hard to change stuff, badly made.

We want to move to Webflow, we already built/designed our website on webflow (80% of it), but there are some issues.

  1. We can’t sell/send product keys on Webflow, only with an integration, but we would like it to be directly into the site.
  2. We are using our local bank as payment gateway thanks to their solutions.
  3. We still need our user account section where they can see their orders, product keys and so.

So I would like to know if its possible to:

  1. Connect all the Webflow pages on a Wordpress platform and simply use WooCommerce and other product keys plugins from wordpress while using our local bank payment gateway


  1. Export the webflow designed website to WordPress so we can use the things mentioned above.

I would love some help from you because this is quite a bad situation from us and we would like to move as quickly as possible from this situation.

Thank you!

Hi @Licenso, Welcome to the forums. Your questions are not trivial but since I have plenty of experience with both platforms, I will offer my recommendations.

RE: 1
You could explore using the WordPress plugin which allows you to pull and cache a page into WordPress so the entire page is visible as designed in WF. However It has not been updated, for recent WP releases nor is it supported apparently. As a result I am not recommending it but your mileage may vary.

Webflow Pages – WordPress plugin | WordPress.org - >This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress . It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

  1. You could do this a couple of ways. One would be to use Udesly as they have a converter for WF to WP but it takes over the whole editing side of WP and requires its plugin. I found it lacking. Pinegrow offers a theme converter that allows you to convert a WF site design to WP as a new theme. As you make changes in WF you can sync them to the theme. It’s a subscription service as well. Since it is a theme, not a plugin, everything should work but you would need to test that. It certainly can be done by hand as well.

  2. Ditch Webflow altogether and use Oxygen Builder to design your site in WP. It’s not a theme but a replacement and it works with Woo, I have flipped a bunch of sites that needed features that WF does not provide and clients had no problem transitioning. In fact most of the sites are ranking better and have higher page speed scores. on my LiteSpeed servers. If you want to stick with a theme based builder then I would suggest looking at bricks builder. Both of these blow Elementor out of the water for performance and don’t have the bloat. If you want Webflow like animations then I would suggest the built in AOS on Oxygen or if you want real control just use GSAP. If coding is not your thing then look at Motion.Page. It a GSAP visual editor for WP that works on all WordPress installs and is superior to Webflow interactions in many ways.

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