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Is it worth migrating to Webflow?

Hello guys. I’m in doubt if I’m migrating to Webflow.

I currently maintain a blog for the company for 1 year and I own 5k of organic SEO visits on important posts. I also use Thrive Themes plugin to edit my home page, but it is very limited.

I’m thinking of migrating to WebFlow and I know the risk I’m going to take. I was annoyed with the platform because the same informs that exports to Wordpress, but I found a lot of lies because it takes many lines of code to make it happen. I lost time and money.

Now I am in doubt I do the migration. I would like opinions, if anyone has already gone through this or has something to add.


This is my analytics graph during the transition from self-host to Webflow in mid-Nov 2016. If done correctly (set up redirects in project dashboard and manage 404s in search console), there should not be any impact on traffic.


I have now converted multiple websites to Webflow. And without too much loss. When you prepare the migration properly by setting up the 301 redirects, etc., the old urls are quickly replaced by the new one.

An additional advantage of working with Webflow is that Webflow works with a very clean html code compared to Wordpress. The position of your blog posts in Google will therefore greatly improve!


@RickSupport and @samliew Thanks a lot for the help. I’ll take a deeper test on the WF CMS and evaluate the form of migration.

Can you give me a north? Indicate some good articles, for example.

Hi @gersonfragoso, thanks for your questions. One note, Webflow does not export to Wordpress directly, it is necessary to edit the html and other files exported to create a Wordpress Template, which is not the easiest thing in the world to do. It is much easier and better to host the site in Webflow.

Regarding links, here are some to get you started:

  1. Overview of Webflow vs Wordpress
  2. Using Redirects to point old urls that no longer exist, to new Webflow pages
  3. Enable SSL on the site
  4. Migrating from Wordpress to Webflow CMS
  5. CMS Tutorial

I hope this helps!

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Hey dude. Here’s 3 sites I migrated from Wordpress and elsewhere to Webflow.

I experienced a lot of loss with toplace at first before properly migrating the forums but was able to turn everything back around and increase revenue significantly.

With I experienced no loss and a large increase in SEO from the redesign and migration.

Same with

Hope that reassures you a little bit.

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