Redesign - moving images in CMS from one Webflow site to another

Hi, all. I am redesigning our corp web site which uses the CMS for our team members and articles pages. I have successfully migrated all of the content over including the URLs for our headshots, for example. In the articles, we also have inline images that go with the content there. This presents a challenge later when I shut down the old site. I will have to migrate all of those images to the new site and then update those pages in the CMS to reference the new URLs.

Or do I? When I eventually shut down the old site will the URLs for those images persist? I.e. shutting down a site does not actually also delete or deactivate CMS file content? Or does it? Do I have some work ahead of me figuring out how to migrate? Ack!

FWIW, I have searched for prior answers to this but have failed. I feel like this question has been asked and answered a thousand times already. My apologies in advance.

Looked here: Migrating from one Webflow site to another (not what I am trying to do)
And looked here: New feature: Copy and paste between projects | Webflow Blog (also not what I am trying to do).

Hi Kelly, how are you importing the articles?
Are you using CSV file imports, or the API, or copy-paste?

In any of these situations, if the rich text content contains image URLs, Webflow should automatically pick those up, import those images, and then reference the new Webflow-CDN image URLs.

I haven’t tested this in some time though, so you’ll want to run a test. Just import an article as you would, publish it to staging, and then check the image URLs on the staging site. They should be different from the URLs in the original content you imported.

Importing via CSV. Rad if this is the case. I will check and get back to you. Thanks for the tip!

Hey just following back here to say that you were right. All of the images transferred successfully. Phew! Saved me a ton of work!

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