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Migrating from WordPress to Webflow - Media Files

Hi all, this is a question to anyone that has migrated a WordPress site to WebFlow.
I know that you can export WordPress content to .csv and then import into WebFlow, but I want to know how media files are handled during the migration process.

Concern #1
Let’s say I have a post that links to an image “”.
Once I switch from WordPress to Webflow, clearly that URL will no longer be there. How do you handle moving all the media files from Wordpress to Webflow? I want to ensure that each post will link to it’s related photo.

Concern #2
Is there a way to import all the media files to Webflow without losing it’s url path?
If there are external websites with links pointing to “”, will these links all be dead after switching to Webflow?

Im pretty sure all the urls would be broken especially because webflow uses a cdn to host all images, so any image you upload they create a unique filename for each image uploaded

#1 - When you import content via a CSV, images in rich text fields will be downloaded to your site for you, which means you can delete your previous site without breaking your new one.

#2 - Since the images are pulled into webflow via the import process, the old links would no longer be valid.

Thanks so much! @webdev

Is this still the case with images hosted in wordpress cms? The images themselves are not included in the csv file generated. Only “< a >” or “< img >” tags with links to the wordpress path of the image.

We are experiencing huge issues with the import of one of our clients blogs from wordpress to Webflow. Witch is a bit disappointing since it seemed so simple from all of your documentation.

Help would be greatly appreciated.

@felix_hellstrom - The easiest way to determine what happens and what works is perform a test with just a couple of items in your CSV that have valid image src paths in the <img> tags. Anchor tags would not create an image import.

I can’t debug “huge issues” and not sure what documentation you are referring to. Can you elaborate?

Yeah hi Jeff. Sorry If i sounded rude. We should have done some better research before hand. We are transferring a blog from wordpress to webflow as I stated above. The blog has over 2000 posts and more than 10.000 images. We are currently looking for the fastest way to move all this content in to the webflow cms and host the images on our own server alternatively on the webflow servers if that is easier.

The dilemma lies in that the images are hosted on the current webhost - Loopia. And we are unsure about how to transfer the files to a different host whilst still having them linked to the urls in the csv file.

We might be close to a solution now though by running some scripts on the csv file. But some input would be greatly appreciated!

You did not sound rude, I just needed more to work with.

As I stated above, source paths of an image are used by Webflow to import the existing image to its CDN, rewriting the source path of a <img> tag to the new Webflow CDN location for the asset. You don’t have the option to block this behavior. That happens automatically with CSV imports where html is mapped to a rich text field.

As such, I would recommend batching your imports into smaller row counts. I personally have not bothered doing large imports since I don’t use Webflow for large CMS collections preferring to handle those on my own platforms. Note: There is no current sync method via CSV import. It is an all or nothing affair. The only alternative being the API.

Feel free to ping me if you need more help. Data is my playground.

I’m interested in learning more about the final solution as well.

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Could you please confirm, can we import a database with more than 10,000 Records (blog posts), As i read( that even the Business Plan can have max 1000 Collections ?

@Jaspreet_Singh - Webflow supports a max of 10k collection items total on the business plan so there would be no way to import more.

Thankyou very much for information Jeff, just want to confirm by a collection you mean a record ?
Like a row in database’s table ?

Yes; a collection item and a single record are equivalent.

Thankyou So much for information and quick Response

Hi Jeff (@webdev),

There is a solution (like a third party solution) to add more than 10 000 items ?
I would like to create a library of images and I have 15 000 items :confused:

Or do you have any tips about that ?

Thank you so much in advance.


Hi @Arthur_ROUDAUT
There is no per se limit on assets, but there is on collection items (10K). For projects that exceed the limits imposed by Webflow, your option is to choose a platform without the limits, which means design in Webflow and port to another platform or design using traditional methods. Udesly has a converter that would allow you to use other CMS’s with your Webflow design. Without knowing your requirements or content specifics, it would be hard to make a product recommendation.

When clients need lots of content structure and strong IA plus no practical limits, I like to use Processwire or Statamic. Ghost rocks, too and is supported by Udesly, and there are many other choices. I prefer to stay away from WordPress due to constant security issues and endless update cycles even though I have worked with it for over a decade.

I am available for consulting should you decide you need help.


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