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Migrating content across multiple pages based on tags

I am sure there is a technique for this. I am creating a specialized news magazine (covering the award of mega contracts around the globe). I would like to enter the news headline and photo once, tag it, and based on the tags have the article automatically populate different pages on the site. For example, “Bob Company Wins $2B Solar Contract in Spain” I would tag it with: International, Spain, Power Gerneration. Now if someone wanted to go to see just International awards they would go to the International page (not built yet) and see the Bob Company article. They would also see it on the Europe page (also not built). And finally they would see it on the Power Generation Page (also not built). I’d hate to have to enter each article multiple times on multiple pages. Any suggestions would be warmly welcomed.

Here is my project page.enter link description here

You need a CMS. Any CMS works like this. Tags are called either tags, categories or taxonomies. The “not yet created” pages you’re refering are called “views” and are created upon demand, they are basically search result pages who display list of content based on a taxonomy.

Popular CMS are Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal… Webflow doesn’t have CMS functionalities yet.

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Oh. Thanks for the response and education Vincent. I understand this is a feature Webflow is rolling out in some future date. Correct?

Hi @UrMarkGetSetGo, you could try TidyCMS and embed it using our Embed widget

It’s almost unofficial (do what you want with this :smiley: )

Vincent - is holding my breath premature?
Thanks thewonglv I will check it out.

I, for one, am holding my breath for a solid 10 years, waiting for dynamic styles in Photoshop. I’ve learnt my lesson (: