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How to effectively manage pages and pages of news..?


I need some suggestion how to effectively manage a page filled with news snippets.
Take a look at this page:
Under “Ämnesområden”, you got all of the news on this site sorted under a few categories. The news are showed in two versions - a short one just to give you an idea of the content of the news and the long “full story” (when you click on the header of the news).
In total, the short versioned news take upp in total 10 pages and each “full story” news has it’s own page.

How in the sweet name of Jesus should I handle all this? I’m going to need 440 pages for this website…
I firmly believe this site has a CMS to handle all these news and sort them into categories.

One idea was to cover each news in a “show/hide”-div trigged by a link. E.g you see the short news version, you click the link and the div expand and you’ll see the full version. But I really wonder how easy to use that solution will be for my client to add news on their own…?


So you need a CMS, that is what CMS do. What you call the short one is often called a Teaser, what you call the full story is often call a Node of Full Node.

CMS such as Wordpress manage all that by default: teasers lists, node pages, sidebar elements with latest or any kind of featured nodes. A CMS doesn’t have “pages”, it generates it on demand. When a URL is called, the CMS goes into the database, extract content needed for the page, use the appropriate template and create the page and the url. Unless you’re using a plugin to do so, the page isn’t kept once you leave.

If you had to deal with 440 pages on a static builder like Webflow… well just don’t do it :smile:

It will not be easy, nor recommended.

Seriously you’re facing a request that can’t be fullfilled by Webflow at the moment. You can design the templates with Webflow and ask for a dev or 3rd party to develop a custom template for a CMS based on these.

Yeah, I guess so :smile:
Now…440 pages aint the real number…but It’s going to be a lot of pages any way…:slight_smile:

Thanks for your input! I need to look at a CMS to handle this for sure!

It happened to me before Webflow, and after Webflow, deciding to go static even if there was a large number of pages. Always regretted it. You end up in a situation you can’t handle anymore, neither your client: it takes time to maintain, like everyday little tasks, ends up costing too much for your client and they realized you dragged them in a bad technical solution.

Same goes for “Ho I think I can handle a static multilingual website”. You can’t :smile:

Yes, and I will strive my outmost to never end up in that situation. So far so good, but I’m always very clear what Webflow is about and its current capabilities.
Hopefully the new features, like the CMS-features, will make this a bit more easy to handle but we’ll have to wait and see!

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