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[CMS Blog] How do I create and display tags depending on predefined categories for different blog articles?

Hey there!
I am currently building a blog site with webflow and I’d love to be able to display some tags (showing who the article is for and what the topics are) on the blog article’s image.

Now, I am struggling with how I should set up the CMS ideally.
There will be basically 4 potential tag categories. For example, one will be for relationship status (Singles vs. Couples vs. All). I want to only show the tag if the article is relevant for one specific relationship status. For instance, when the article is for couples I’d like to display the couples tag. However, if the article is relevant for all relationships statuses I don’t want to show the tag at all.

Is that possible? If so, how should I set up my CMS and Editor?

I have created an image for understanding:

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This can easily be done with a Tag collection and a Multi-Reference field in your Blog collection pointing to the Tag collection. Then you can display the tags with a nested collection block.

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Amazing, thank you, Marc!

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