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Migrating blog posts from Wordpress to Webflow (and deleting Wordpress site)

Hi Folks!

I guess the question about moving content from Wodpress to Webflow has been asked a lot, especially in the context of SEO. However, I was not able to find answers for my case.

So here’s my situation.

I want to move my blog posts from WP to Webflow AND delete the Wordpress site completely. As I understand, in this particular case, redirects (301) cannot be set at Wordpress level because the WP site will not exist. But will it somehow affect my SEO? Should I perhaps leave the Wordpress site for a couple more weeks/months to “pass the juice” to my new Webflow site and set-up the redirects?

Has anyone an idea which option is the best one?


Hey @PiotrDk, welcome to the forums!

Are you switching your domain, or just the CMS? If you’re switching to a new domain, things become a lot trickier. If you’re just switching the CMS, there’s less room for error.

The biggest thing to consider is that there’s no duplicate content or conflicting redirects between the CMSs if you decide to keep WP up for a short passing time.

Hi @joejola

yes, the domain is a completely new one. The plan was to discontinue the old WordPress site (and old domain) and migrate the content to a new domain and new platform (Webflow).

Just wondering what’s the best setup. I don’t need the old domain anyway - I just could delete this site. But on the other hand, some of my articles are well-positioned, and I don’t want to lose the rankings.

Perhaps playing around with canonical tags could also help to avoid SEO mess up…

After you have migrated the site to Webflow, you should move your old domain to your Webflow project and setup redirects for all the important articles.