Migrating from Wordpress to Webflow, how to maintain SEO ranking

My company is rebuilding their website and I’m trying to sway them to use Webflow, the only concern is we have a very good SEO ranking and we absolutely cannot afford to lose that as it brings in most of our business. I’m hoping I could get in touch with someone who specializes in this area to shed some light on expectations if we were to build a new site from Webflow rather than another Wordpress site.
Thank you.

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If the Webflow site upholds the same page urls, metadata, etc. you should actually get a boost after the site is crawled. With the assumption that you build the site in a cleaner way and enhance any shortcomings from the Wordpress site’s pages. Search engines will recognize these enhancements.

Any pages that you change the url, you’ll want to have 301 redirects set up that point to the newly named url.

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