Moving to Webflow without losing SEO, Ranking and Google analytics?


Is there any way to move to Webflow without losing SEO, Ranking and Google analytics ?

This article should help

Let me know if it does.


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I’ve just moved three of my sites from static HTML sites to webflow. There has been minimal affect on my rankings or traffic (although caveats to follow)

  • Analytics
    This is easy to switch over. You just need to paste your Google Analytics code into the custom code area in Webflow.

  • SEO/Rankings
    You can skirt any issues by recreating your website on Webflow using exactly the same slugs/URLs as your current site. This means that links will keep pointing to the right place, and link juice will continue flowing.

There may be times when recreating your site on exactly the same URLs isn’t possible though. For me, a lot of my old pages had the .php extension, and the new pages in Webflow don’t.

This is when I used 301 redirects (like in that article above). You can set these up for every single page on your site, or set up wildcard redirects if you’ve got a lot of pages, and the change you need to make follows a regular pattern.

(E.g., I set up a wildcard redirect to redirect pages like /muffins.php to /muffins – essentially stripping out the .php)

There are some things that might affect your rankings in the switchover:

  1. A link that goes through a 301 redirect is great, but (I’ve heard) it’s not quite as good for SEO as having that link pointing directly at your actual page. That’s what I’ve heard. I haven’t noticed any dramatic impact on my sites through.

  2. Your new site will be built on different HTML than your old site. For me, switching to Webflow means there’s a lot more code on my page for the same amount of content. (My previous site was pretty darn basic, and written by hand.) There’s a chance this might have a slight impact on your SEO (for better or worse).

  3. Your new site might be faster or slower than your old site. This can also impact on your rankings.

  4. If you’re changing the URLs of your pages, there might be a little bit of wobble while Google realises and updates their index. I found things dipped for a little bit and then picked back up again.

Hope that helps.


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