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Move from WordPress to Webflow without losing SEO or causing 404

Hello Webflow community, this is my first topic :slight_smile:

I’ve been thinking about moving my site ( from WordPress to Webflow but I have my concerns about how the link structure may affect the website SEO and the already shared links on social media.

For example, in my actual site a blogpost looks something like this:

But if I create the blog collection, the url for the same post would be:

So, the question is: Is there a way to make a collection url structure to match my current one? or Is there a way to create redirections so the people don’t get 404 errors when they click over an old shared link?

Consider my site has more than 200 blog posts, so creating redirects one by one is not a simple and quick task.

Thank you for your attention.

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Hi @FranciscoAMK Welcome to the community!:slight_smile:

Here is how to move your WordPress posts to your Webflow dynamic collections:

As for SEO, you can keep your SEO “juice” with our 301 redirect wildcards:

Help this helps :slight_smile:


I get it. Just a question: Is there a way I can create multiple redirects at once, I mean like uploading a txt o csv file with all my redirects or do I have to go one by one?

Not at the moment.

I understand. Well, this might be a deal breaker for me right now. I’ll have to keep my WordPress site until there’s a more convenient way to create multiple redirects. Of course the frontend will be built with webflow :wink:

For now I will consider the webflow CMS just for new proyects.

Thank you both for your time :slight_smile:

Can you give me an example of what you need redirected?

I’m mainly concerned about blogposts.

My current structure is misiteurl/postname but in webflow when I create the blogpost collection the url for each blogpost is something like mysiteurl/blog/postname. That means I would need to create a redirection for each one of my blogposts.

For example, this post would be so I should create a redirect.

Am I understanding correctly or there is something I’m missing? Maybe there’s a way to create a collection without putting it in the url for each single item. If that is so, my problem would be solved.

Correct, you CANNOT use wildcard redirects for this, as not everything on your existing site is a blog post. (if I understand correctly, you have other static pages which are NOT blog posts, and you don’t want to redirect those.)

So if you are hosting with Webflow, the only way is to manually create the redirects.

The good news is, there doesn’t seem to be any limit on the number of redirects you can create. (tested up to 1000)

Yes, I have a dozen of static pages and around two hundred blog posts.

You can make a wildcard redirect like this:

Old URL:

New URL:

Try that.

This would be a very useful function!

Could you please help me understand why this should help me. I added CMS hosting to my site and apply that redirect but it does not seems to be doing anything :frowning:

For example here you have a test blogpost:
But when you enter the URL without “blog”, it just gives a 404:

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