Wordpress to webflow with some content

Hi there, my first topic! :slight_smile:
We are in the works of moving our website from Wordpress to Webflow.
The problem: we have a hard deadline of Feb 14 launch and not all the new pages are ready to go live.

We plan to go live with some pages (homepage, pricing page…) and redirect the rest of the pages to the ‘old’ website on wordpress. Then, continue to build and complete the migration.

Is this a reasonable solution? should we use 301/302 redirection to ALL the pages on the wordpress site?


If you’re using a new domain name for the new site, this is a possibility and you won’t cause too much SEO damage because the old site will effectively be unchanged.

If you are trying replace the old site with your new Webflow one using the same domain name, that won’t be an option with redirects.

The only options;;

  • Renegotiate your launch date
  • Accelerate your build schedule
  • Build a reverse proxy that consolidates both sites under the same domain name

I’d only recommend the r-proxy as a last option here, because without knowing more about both your old and new site structures, page counts, SEO, tech infrastructure… this approach could range from moderately-complex to massively-complex, which wouldn’t be cheap.

I build reverse proxies regularly, so if options 1 and 2 aren’t possible, drop me a direct message with both published sites and I can give you an estimate.

Thanks @memetican . Yes, we are keeping THE SAME url and moving the old site from wordpress to a new webflow site. If that is the case we can’t do any redirects? The only option will be reverse proxy? can you share a bit more about this process?

No… where would you redirect to?

If you move domain.com from site A to site B, then site A is now inaccessible.
You could register a new temporary domain like olddomain.com and apply it to your old site A, but that will be messy, confusing for users, and will break your SEO.

A reverse proxy is a new system that is built to intercept the requests for your domain.com. It can then respond to them specially like pulling the appropriate page from site A or site B, depending. However it’s a fair bit of work to build correctly and there are a few tricks to make it work with Webflow’s SSL certificates.

In your case the “site merge” would require not just the URL rewriting, but also canonical fixes and a rebuilt sitemap - and that’s the simplest situation. If have other features… referrer tracking, user accounts, ecommerce… there are other things to consider.

@Idan_Lasser We’ve built a no-code reverse proxy tool which can solve this for you. In this case, you can work under a unified domain while using Webflow and WordPress at the same time. For more information Connectify.tech | Reverse proxy for Webflow