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Questions about setting up 301 redirects


I have a wordpress blog that I would need to transfer over to my Webflow website. The issue is that I need to do a 301 Redirect that changes two things: (1) The domain will change, (2) The Url will change (the part after the main domain name).

In other words, the wordpress blog post(s) URL is: and the new Webflow blog post(s) URL would be:

What is the best way to set up the 301 redirects to accomplish this? Should I create a 301 redirect for each post I am transferring (there are 500 posts)? Or is there a way to write a global 301 redirect that will make transferring a lot easier?

I would be most grateful if you you could please provide me with the old path url I would need to enter, and the new path url I would need to enter. I want to be sure to get these URL correct.

Many thanks!

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301 redirects can usually be built using the control panel of registrar (like GoDaddy) that you use to purchase and manage your web domains. I would just write a global 301 from the old blog section pointing it to the new blog section… one for each post would just drive you insane! Moving them over to Webflow is already going to be hard enough, so there is no need to make it even more difficult.

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