Memberships and Shopify

I need to make a site for subscription type boxes, and the easiest way, with integration to better Hungarian payment options, and with automatic receipt making would be to have a Shopify store, and add Buy Buttons, so everything would be handled there. There would be one time items, and subscription type one, which would need information about the subscribed members. If they buy through Shopify, but make an account on my site with Memberships is it possible to connect the two? Info about the buyers like age, gender etc. would be needed to make the boxes, but making them make an account on both my site and shopify wouldn’t be a great option. I thought about just manually “join”-ing the purchases with my member infos, for example they have to add their email at both. But there would be a problem if the email of their account, and the email with which they made the purchase isn’t the same. What i need is pretty simple, but I can only use Shopify for this project.

Thanks in advance,

The best approach is to use Webhooks.

With a Webhook, after a successful purchase (if Shopify has this) they can send that user information into Webflow. What you can do from here is take the email address Shopify sends and pop off a Webflow Memberships invitation.

Here are some resources to look through:

As long as Shopify can do as I’ve described, this is a viable solution based on what you’ve said.

Hope that helps!

Thank you, this sounds great, but seems impossible for me to understand and do this yet haha
I will look into this…

Understandable. If you’re up for it, ask questions in this thread. You’ll get help :smile: