Webflow Memberships and Shopify

Hi all, I’m looking into adding the Webflow Memberships feature to my site and operating an additional Shopify site for the company. Is it possible to automatically add the Shopify customers to the Webflow Memberships piece? And is it also possible to add the customers to both platforms regardless of where they make their accounts? For instance, if a new customer creates an account on our Shopify site, they are automatically added to the Webflow Memberships CMS, and vice-versa. NOTE: I have access to the Logic Beta. Thanks!

You would need to do it using automation between the Shopify and Webflow APIs. Webflow has webhooks that can act as triggers when a new member is added. Shopify probably has something similar.

Logic might work, but has a few issues regarding data type conversion. While it’s in BETA you might consider going for something like Make.com instead.

Bigger question though- what does this give you?

Synchronizing the accounts between Webflow and Shopify doesn’t actually do anything.

  • Users will still have to complete the on-boarding process for Webflow, and possibly shopify as well.
  • The passwords are separate.
  • There’s no data sharing
  • There’s no built-in ability for a user logged in to Webflow, to access data about their matching account on Shopify, and vice-versa.
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Yea, it’s doable.

To get users from Shopify into Webflow:

You’ll need to use Shopify Webhooks to send that info into Webflow (via their API). Creating CMS items is easy enough.

If you want to add them to a Webflow Membership, they best they allow right now is to trigger an invitation which requires the user to go through a registration process. Not ideal, but doable.

To get users from Webflow into Shopify:

You’d have to take the opposite approach. Trigger a Webhook from Webflow (easy enough) and send that into Shopify. You’d have to research what Shopify does and does not allow from this perspective (sorry not familiar enough).

Sharing data:

The one thing you didn’t mention is data sharing between the two applications. If you’d like to display that within Webflow, it’s easy enough.

Again, lean on Webhooks in Shopify to send that info into the Webflow CMS (or Airtable).

This is a common approach, you just have to be careful about what data you move around as PII is an issue to be very careful with.

Hope that helps!

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I was hoping things like passwords would transfer. I was under the assumption that the webhooks would populate the data in the platform that wasn’t used to make the account.

No such luck, unfortunately :grimacing: Some platforms allow this, but not these ones.

You shouldn’t have any issues making that happen :smile:

No, they are definitely not included in Webflow’s webhooks, for security reasons, and almost certainly not in Shopify’s either. Passwords are private to the user, so they’re almost never exposed by SaaS systems, even to you as the company paying for the service.

But even if you could force the passwords to be in sync somehow, it still really doesn’t give you much advantage. Users would still have to login twice. You’d need some sort of SSO capability, which Memberships doesn’t currently support.

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