Membership SignUp + Zapier

Hi! I have tried to connect Zapier to my Membership site’s sign up form, however, the Zap doesn’t recognize the form.

What’s the best way to push new user accounts into a Zap and finally into my CMS?


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi @pgiesin :wave: welcome to the forum

Unfortunately Webflow doesn’t give you access to the memberships signup form (as you’ve found out), so it’s not available in Zapier:

But, Webflow does offer a Webhook that triggers whenever you add or update a Webflow member.

So you tell Webflow to send Zapier your new (or updated) member, automatically, right when it happens.

Here’s a quick high-level walkthrough:

Create a Zapier Webhook:

Copy the URL this zap gives you:

Create a Webflow Webhook:

Open up the Webflow Webhook Creator and paste in the url that Zapier just gave you:

Choose the trigger type “membership account added”

Next, follow the sites instructions to add your Webflow API Token and click the “Create Webflow Webhook” button.

Create a new Webflow Membership:

Open up Webflow Memberships and manually invite a new test user:

Now you’ve sent that newly created user to Zapier.

Click the “Test Trigger” button and you’ll find it showing up :smile:

Hook Zapier up to your Webflow CMS and you’re good to go.

Hope that helps!