Webflow membership form does not appear in Zapier

Hi There,

I’m trying to link a Webflow membership “Sign-Up-Form” to Zapier.
Zapier is not able to fetch any form from the website below:


I’ve tried to fetch forms from other projects without any problems but the website that has the native Webflow membership functions activated seems to have some restrictions.

Any Ideas?

Internal forms such as log-in, sign-up, and check-out don’t go through the regular form submission handler, so no new form submission events will be fired in Zapier.

If you’re trying to do automation in response to a sign-up, use the Webflow webhooks directly. You want user_created and user_updated, depending on what you’re automating.

You’re not doing anything wrong, Zapier is just very limiting.

Webflow Membership forms are handled separately from the normal Webflow forms and Zapier doesn’t have them integrated into their service, and I doubt they will anytime soon (if ever).

To capture Membership form submissions you need to use a Webhook.

Here is some high-level information along with a detailed walk through if you’re not familiar with them:

A good approach is to use the Webflow Webhook Creator tool to quickly set one up.

  1. Create a “Webhooks by Zapier” zap. Or use a free Make (Integromat) account if you don’t have a paid Zapier account - this is not a free option on Zapier - or you’ve hit your limits.

  2. Grab the URL Zapier or Make provides and add it to the “destination url” in the Webhook Creator tool.

  3. Choose what you want your Webhook to trigger on (e.g. membership account added).

Now every time a new Webflow Membership is created, it’ll send that info into Zapier / Make automatically and you can then run your automation.

Hope that helps!

Hey Michael,

Thanks for the tip! Creating a webhook solved actually my problem. :raised_hands:

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