No clear way to connect User Accounts data with 3p tools

Webflow’s logic builder does not have a trigger for User Accounts profile page updates, i.e. I cannot access the form on the profile page to trigger data to send to another software (like Airtable, Notion). Looking at Zapier, there is no trigger to send user account data to other tools. Webflow’s help content only talks about CVS exports.

This can’t be true?

Thank you for your help!

Read-only link (not sure why it’s asking me to include this): Webflow - Tech Expats

If you’re trying to detect new user accounts as they’re created or updated, you can use the Webflow API webhooks directly.

You’ll likely want to use a 3rd party automation solution like Make / Zapier / Pipedream / n8n to handle that and feed your data to other tools- it’s easier to setup and debug, and more stable.

I appreciate the quick reply Michael - I’m not familiar with using Zapier beyond OAuth integrations. I have created a read/write token for Webflow User Accounts, but don’t really know what to do with it. I can’t seem to find where to use the token…

You’ll need to read the API docs and learn how to use it.
The basic process is-

  • create your trigger webhook in whatever automation platform will be receiving the data
  • get that URL, e.g. from Zapier’s webhook handler ( I don’t like Zapier much, you might try Make unless you’re already paying for a Zapier account ).
  • create your Webflow webhook, you can do this using Webflow’s APi pages directly, if you’ve authenticated there.

You’ll be creating either a user_created or user_updated webhook, possibly user_deleted as well if you’re tracking active users.

You’ll give the webhook the URL you copied from Make/Zapier, so that it knows where to send the event.

If you need a dev to help you build your integration, you can drop me a message [ click my name ], and I can send you my details.

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