Membership Notifications - API Data

Hi there. We are running into some issues with the Membership site and looking for help.

Issue 1 - we don’t get notified through Webflow when someone registers for a membership. Where does that data go? Does anyone know why this is a thing?

Issue 2 - Webflow does not have native Zapier integrations for Membership actions / updates

Issue 3 - Webflow API does not allow for us to get the Custom Fields on member sign up forms.

Does anyone have any ideas or experience with work arounds for this?

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK][1]

Memberships is in beta. As such features may be missing or incomplete.

The appropriate place to discuss this beta is located below (for beta participants).

Memberships - Beta | Webflow (


Hi @Aaron_LeBlanc

You’re correct, they don’t notify you. Not sure why, but it is what it is.

The data is found within the memberships screen:

Clicking into it show you all of your members.

If you want to get notified, you can set that up yourself using Webflow Webhooks.

Send that Webhook to Make (Integromat), Zapier, or Webflow Logic and pop off an email to yourself.

No they do not. But what they do offer is Webhooks, mentioned above. That’s your best option at the moment.

Strange, custom fields are coming through for me, maybe re-publish your site and try again?

Hope that helps!

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Very helpful on multiple levels. Thank you so much for taking the time.

  1. Showed me that this is possible from the API.
  2. Showed me the call you are making to get the data correctly.

I can now complete this on my own. Appreciate that.

Hi @ChrisDrit

Thanks for the above. That was exactly What i was looking for. Do you have any video tutorial by chance?

I’ve created a Zapier/Make account. For example in after adding a webhook, do i set the trigger to Custom mailhook or Custom webhook?

In the document guides about, it is about sending data via webhook to airtable, but shall i ignore these guides to a degree and use yours?
You make it sound so easy " Send that Webhook to Make (Integromat), Zapier, or Webflow Logic and pop off an email to yourself."

Any help will be appreciated. Happy to pay!!

Webflow Logic is the most difficult. Zapier has a built in email service, so they are the easiest (Email by Zapier). Make falls in-between, but it’s my goto.

They have a Gmail Module that integrates easily. They have other email providers integrated as well.


Not for what I’ve outlined about, specifically. Sorry.

You’ll want to set the Custom Webhook option. If you run through this screencast:

It’ll show you how to setup a Webhook with Webflow & Make using the correct settings.

Did that get you going in the right direction?