Link new member signup with email client

Hi Webflow

Upon a new member signing up I of course want to send an email confirming this and add the email address to mailchimp.

How would i go around doing this as apparently webflows membership form is not a form?

Many thanks

Hey Grant,

This will be a common request, and I expect WF will add built-in integration for this, to common platforms like Mailchimp.

I’m also hopeful we’ll see a New Member trigger in Logic, which you could use for this, but it’s not available yet.

One approach is to use the New Member webhook, and setup automation on Zapier/Make to pick up new members and perform additional actions, like adding them to Mailchimp if the newsletter box is ticked.

Another possibility is client-side; you basically intercept the form submit after it’s been validated but before it’s been released into the webflow system. There you insert your own JS to handle your mailchimp add.

Note, what you’re really wanting is Email-Verified users, so keep that in mind for your processes.

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Hey Michael,

Thanks so much for your reply,

Have you heard anything about the time frame for webflow on this feature? It seems like a basic feature to have especially in a beta. It is also strange how the new members form is not classed as a form.

Can i please ask how to add a webhook to zapier? I found the setting but not sure how to make zapier link to my email client for new memberships? I am also on Zapier and send in blue which i am using for emails, but no option to add for new members.

Thanks again,

Hi @Grant1 :wave:

There’s never been any mention of this specifically being added. I’ve personally requested this, spoken to the product person working on this, but haven’t seem much movement on it.

I have a free tool that you can use for exactly this:

You can use this to setup Webflow Membership Webhooks:

There is a tutorial on the site walking through how to set all of this up, but… it doesn’t specifically walk through using Zapier.

You need a paid account to use Webhooks with Zapier.

Most of my tutorials walk through using Make (Integromat) as they have an ample free tier and you can use it with Webhooks.

So… here’s a quick walk through to create a Zapier Webhook using WebhookCreator:

Create a new Zap and search for Webhooks.

Choose the Webhooks by Zapier Trigger.

Select the “Catch Hook” event. There is a lot of nuance to these 3 options and this “Catch Hook” is typically the best to choose by default unless you need something very specific.

For this walk through you can skip the “pick off a child key” option (just tap on the continue button). Again, it’s a specific advanced option that you don’t for this walk through.

Here’s the magic :unicorn:

Zapier has just created a Webhook URL for you. Copy that to use in the next step.

Paste that URL into the Webhook Creator tool.

Select the Membership trigger you’d like to use.

In this case, I’ve selected the account added option.

Next you’ll need to fill in the “Webflow API Token” field. You get that in your Webflow project settings. The tutorial on the site walks you through finding that.

Once you have, add it here and tap on the “create webflow webhook” button.

You can confirm you’ve added your new Webhook in the same spot you found your API token.

Next, invite a new user to your Webflow Memberships (I didn’t add a screenshot for this).

Once you’ve invited a new member…

Head back to Zapier and tap on the test button.

You should find your new Webflow Member showing up.

Next, you can add your Mailchimp (or whatever) action you’d like to complete your automation.


  1. You added a Webflow Webhook that triggers whenever a new Webflow Membership is created.

  2. You send that message out of Webflow and into Zapier.

  3. Zapier receives that message and triggers any actions you need to complete you automation.

Hope that helps!

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Thank you so much for this,

I am going to be a huge pain, and if it is going to take too long please do not worry,

But how would i do that using (integromat)?

I am trying to do this curretnly but cannot find any way to do this in webhooks in integromat.

Many thanks again

No, you’d want to monitor the Membership BETA forums and ask your questions there. It’s where all the features / bugs discussion happens about Memberships and Logic.

I’d fully expect that, both for security reasons and just to prevent people from breaking the sign up process. Just like ecommerce, it’s a place where webflow needs some control over the interface with the end user, so the behavior is different from a form that you control 100%.

They’ve done a great job keeping the styling options intact though, good approach.

For new member hooks, I believe you have to go through the API to create that webhook. Chris’s tool below will save you some steps there.

In Zapier, the SendInBlue integration has an Add or Update Contact action. That’s what you’ll use to save your new member’s email address into your chosen mailing list.

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Thanks Michael,

But i do not understand how to get this working.

This is a vital feature when someone signs up but cannot get this to work at all by connecting Integromat with Chris’s tool and Send in Blue.

Would you have any idea how too?

Hey Grant, it’s not very complex, but there’s much I can do without access to your site, API key, and your Make account. I’m also away for a week so full-on at the moment.

There’s probably a lot of new stuff for you to wrap your head around here, so if you’re using Make, I’d recommend you do some basic tutorials- we’ll worth knowing some good automation tools to expand what Webflow can do.

Again the basic approach is-

  • Create a webhook in Make and copy the URL
  • Add the webhook to Webflow, you can use Chris’s tool for that to make it easier
  • Now test a new member create, so you get some data in Make
  • There, add a sendinblue step
  • Pass in the email from the webhook, and test it.

That’s pretty much it.

Note I don’t use Make, I use n8n primarily which is much more powerful but more programmer-oriented. But Make is pretty easy to use, good UI, it it appears to have all the integrations you need. Plus, it should probably be free, unless you are doing thousands of new members monthly.

No worries. You’re not a pain. People are here to help :smiley:

Here’s a quick screencast walking through a Make (Integromat) Webhook with Webflow as a place to start:

It shows you how to create a Make Webhook URL.

Then, instead of adding the Make Webhook URL to a form field (as the screencast shows you), you’ll add it to the Webhook Creator tool just like I walked through with the Zapier example above.

Give it a try, does that make sense?

Once you have that hooked up you’ll be triggering your Make automaton and you can add whatever modules you need to it.

If you want to see an example of a bigger build using Make, Webhooks, Webflow, and using Google Sheets checkout this tutorial:

Again, it uses a form but you just add the Make Webhook URL to the Webhook Creator tool instead of the form (just like in the Zapier walk through above).

Here are a few screenshot to help:

Hope that helps!