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Measuring distances for spacing


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So, while I was designing my footer, I tried to accurately space my elements, which I find challenging to do. See the screenshot below and I’ll explain what I mean:

I’m using a flexbox lay out. From the very top of the footer, I did a margin of 30 for the divblock that includes my header and my button. After that: From the grey line, I did a margin of 30 for the divblock that includes my logo and social media icons. Though there’s a little bit more space below the logo/social media divblock in comparison to the space above the header/button divblock (i did my best to estimate). How do I accurately space these elements from each other and from the top and bottom of the footer?? Hope this makes sense. Thanks!

Here is my site Read-Only: [My website!](http://)

Hi Fatimah,

This is a combination of couple of things:
For the top row- A margin top on the ‘Heading 10’ element, and the flex align: center on the ‘Div Block 37 ser’ element.
The bottom row is aligned to the top, seems like you managed to fixed that :slight_smile: