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Help! Spacing between different sections change with screen width


I am having troubling fixing the spacing between different sections. It appears different on different screen widths. I have uploaded screenshots of one example

This is from the case study 1 page.

I probably have not used the best practices when designing this layout as I’m still learning ( which is why this issue is being caused).

I would greatly appreciate if someone could help me out with this!
Thank you!

Read only link:

Hey, I noticed that you’re using different fixed heights sizes for your sections and that some elements are using custom positioning through relative positioning that are causing this.

First of all I would recommend not using fixed sizes for sections because you’re limiting the content to a specific size and that would result in such behaviour.

On the other hand unless you’re going to overlap content on top of other content I would recommend using marging to move your content away from other elements.

These couple of videos will help:

Thank you so much! It worked a learned a good bit too! Really appreciate it!