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Horizontally aligning title and paragraph to image


My website link is:

So I’m having a challenging time aligning all three element w/o using relative positioning:

Here’s what I’ve done so far:
I’ve added a container (w/ a block element layout), and in that container I put a div block with a flex box layout (start align and center justified). Within that div block, I’ve placed a heading and image w/ a block element layout.

I’m having a challenging time adding a paragraph underneath the title, it messes the alignment up. I don’t want to use relative positioning to align it b/c i want it to be responsive. How can I add the paragraph in & preserve the current layout?


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Can you show a draft image of the result you want to get? You can nest a bit more and achieve what you want. Start by putting the title and the paragraph in a div, they should be one on top of each other. Now place that div inside of another div, along with the image, and set that to flexbox. Div and image should now be aligned one close to the other.

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It worked! I tried what you said. Thanks so much you’re awesome :slight_smile:

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