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Footer inconsistency


My website link is:

I made the final draft footer in the Services page (click on view all services at the bottom of the home page to get to the Services page) and when I placed it in the home page, it doesn’t size in a smilier way.

There’s white space at the top (which I tried to remove by reducing the height of the body), and it appears to be taller than it is in the Services page. How do I fix this? Please see screenshots attached as well.


Here is my site Read-Only: My website!
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@Fatimah_N Hi if you want some help from the people here in the forum you ned to post a Read Only link. Othetwise we are all guessing

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Hi sorry,


@Fatimah_N if you change your spacing in the footer from 45 to 0 it will work

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That fixes the white space thanks, but still, the footer is taller in the home page in comparison to the services page?

I changed the spacing from 45 to 0 and published the latest changes.

This is my suggestiom I asume you will use the same footer on all pages. Then use the footer with the correct design and make it a Symbol that can be used an all your pages. And will look the same if you decide to change the layout

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