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Design Feedback on own site

Hi All, I’ve been working on my own website for a couple of weeks and I’m close to happy with it. I’d like to get a bit of feedback from the Webflow community on the design & interactions, and maybe get a few suggestions.

Getting the animations behaving responsively has been a bit of a challenge but I’m fairly close now.

I am also not a copywriters bootlace so if you have any feedback on the copy that would be fantastic too!

Thanks in advance!

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The parallax on the background looks nice and subtle, the interactions are relaxed enough, I like it. You may want to modify the layout a bit here and there though.

I’d get rid of transparent blocks - making them white feels better for browsing and focusing on content.

Do not increase the first block on the main page on hover - rather increase it’s content so that the block stays the same size.

The “latest work” block looks way better than the actual portfolio blocks because of a more cohesive layout of elements.

I’d make “about us” page a bit livelier - it is an important part of the site after all!

Another important thing - it is obvious that you have designed on a larger monitor with large resolution. Try setting your site inspector to show you the smaller laptop resolutions (like 1280x600 or something like that) and you will have your hands full with fixes for a while :wink:

I’d gladly see update on this one!

Keep it up, mate!


@dram thanks for the detailed feedback! I’ve taken it on board, done a few styling tweaks for Laptop screens – Would be good to know if there is anything glaringly obvious that I’m missing, could you please take a look now?

I’m not sure I follow this bit. Do you mean it looks good when the section title “latest work” is in view, or the individual photos/mockups don’t look good?

The About us page… I have not spent much time on this, basically just dumped a rich text field in there. Definitely needs work, thanks!

Side note: Would love to hear what you think of the click/tap interactions on this earlier version of the portfolio. I ended up thinking it was a bit too much / tacky and dropped it for the current design

old v1 with portfolio interaction

Don’t forget to set overflow:hidden on the parent containers for the sliding lines under the headings - otherwise they create horizontal scroll on smaller screens.

What I mean is that this looks better than this that is all :slight_smile:

I’d rather make this on hover and on click for touch devices. But I think hiding info is not the best way to do it.

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