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Hi all,

I’ve built my first one-pager with Webflow (or on any platform for that matter) - could you provide any feedback (design/functionality…) that I should be aware of?

Please note that this version is currently not very mobile-friendly, so best to check it out on desktop.

Thank you!

Seems to work well for me on desktop. I’d personally make the UI a little slicker by copying some of the styles on some ui templates in the marketplace. You can actually preview them and write down/screenshot the styles for buttons etc.

heres a couple that have interesting box effects and these are clonable so you can clone them and copy/paste elements into your project.
Responsive Dashboard - Webflow
matter - Webflow

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Looks good.
You could add some contrast between the elements to make them stand out visually. This could be done by adding colour or increasing the difference in tone, although try to keep the colour’s to a minimum otherwise it could get confusing. Layout is ok, its a functional site. I might increase the header height a little and center the elements within it. Also the links on the buttons could be bigger, you could do this by nesting the buttons inside the links so that the whole button is interactive.

Well done, great start.

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Some things I’d change:

  • the link is only on the text of the items. I think it should be the whole block instead, so the touch area is easier to access.
  • the active tab is so subtle I barely noticed. You could add a more clear color, like the blue you used on the form arrow.
  • It’s kinda annoying the the form-block-2 isn’t centered vertically. In order to fix the centering, you can apply the same padding top and bottom (currently it’s 15px top and 12px bot and remove the bottom margin of the email-form-2.
  • You can create a hover effect on the links as well.
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Thanks a lot, very helpful. Two quick follow-up question:

  • The only way I think I can do point 1 is by replacing all my text boxes with Link boxes, as you cant nest a linked item (my text) into another link item (in this case that would be my new link box). Is my understanding correct, or is there a much simpler way of doing this?
  • To your 2nd and 4th points, how can I ensure that the hover applies to both the box and the text? If I try making that change in my current set-up, it only applies to each individually, meaning that the text doesnt change colour unless I hover over it.

Thanks again - pretty basic questions but very useful!