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Lock content In site

Hi there , I have built a site for a client which I will eventually make live and let him clone so he can add his own content etc. anyway one of the requirements is that he wishes all text and images to be locked to prevent his competitors copy & pasting his content , is there a way to do this ? Thanks in advance , Ben

What you are asking for is a CMS type solution. At this time, Webflow does not have any CMS capabilities. There are other solutions out there where you can export your webflow project as a theme and import it into other platforms like WordPress, CloudCannon, etc.

But once you make changes to your code after exporting it out of Webflow, you cannot import it back into Webflow.

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thanks pixelgeek , I know about the cms ( he is going to get his own webflow account ) it’s the lock content I am trying to work out, maybe some code I paste into the body ?

ah. i’m sorry. i misunderstood your OP (original post). There is no way one can lock down text and images. If someone wanted to copy everything after a webpage loads, they can simply do a CTRL + S (or File > Save As…) .

Wanted to add that this is really no different in Webflow than any other system.

He’s running a Wordpress site and seems to have it locked down ok , would rather not have to export to wp if possible

Maybe I don’t understand your question clearly. Can you share the current site? Most any site you can copy content from or look in the inspector/page source and find the content.

this is his old site gets a pop up when right clicked

@benweb I think you are talking about the logo? If so, yes a popup appears but you can still drag the logo to the desktop. I notice you can’t copy and paste text from the page but if you go into the browser’s inspector you can still copy the content.

What’s the client trying to achieve?

thanks @jdesign , no the text is what i am talking about, essentially he wants to stop people copy & pasting as it does at the moment but i hear what you are saying about the browsers inspector so maybe i will have to tell him its not actually locked [ he thinks it is ] . Its more stop competitors using his text [ copyright ] but as you say if they wanted the text they can still get it , didn’t know whether there was a workaround at all ?

Probably a script that you could use.

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