Website sharing with a read/write link

It is possible to share your website with a read-only link, however I’d like to have a read/write option too.

Is it possible?


Hi @thantoldo, yes, you can share your project’s read-only link. Take a peek: Share a read-only link | Webflow University. I hope this helps !

Cyberdave, I’m aware of the read only sharing, however I’m asking for read/write sharing.

This will be really helpful for setup and forget type of sites, where the client makes simple changes that dont require anything special.

Think about an info page where the client updates the content at the already designed and polished page (not cms).


Hi @thantoldo

For that issue, this is where the CMS becomes a great solution. Giving a client their own CMS collaborator credentials will help keep them out of the designer tool, but still have access to update their content.

For more information on this, please refer to this article:

If you’re looking to give full designer tool access to your client, you’ll then need to give them your Webflow account credentials. This is highly not recommended since they will have the ability to change not only the content, but everything else you have worked so hard on to design and build.

Hope this helps :smiley:

Hi @PixelGeek,

Thank you for your reply. I think CMS is an overkill for my case (one page informational (text) webpage). I do not even need a database. It would be great if CMS like editor editing was available for basic projects.

I also have the following question about CMS, so that I can use CMS instead:
Regarding editor permissions
Is there anything new on that? For my use case it is necessary that different editors edit different pages. Is that possible?

And a final clarification on billing: The hosting (basic/CMS) price is per month per site, right?

Kind regards,


You’re asking a lot of different questions here @thantoldo. Please comment on individual topics instead of asking additional questions in this topic. Thanks!

Hi @thesergie,

Well, you are right, let’s focus on the main subject then!

Regarding editor permissions
For my use case it is necessary that different editors edit different pages and it is not possible right now. Is it something planned in 1-2 months or more?

I have to consider my options whether I can count on webflow or not.



@thantoldo we do want to provide these controls but I cant give you an ETA as we don’t have these types of controls baked in

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