Anyway to make the site access-code locked?

Is there any way I can make my site access key locked? Like when you get to it you put your access code/password and you can view the rest of the pages. I know you can password protect a page but would maybe multiple passwords be possible?

I Am planning on making my site like have a membership so thats why - i see now that webflow has membership feature in beta but not sure if that will be included in starter or basic plans

Here’s what I’ve last heard on Membership counts by plan. I can still see that it’s not formally on Webflow’s pricing page however so… subject to change.

In short, for building a live site, you will want the CMS plan to get Memberships support ( 10k members max )

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Unfortunately no. Not natively with that Webflow feature. I’m not aware of a third party that does this.

You could certainly hack together a “hidden” page that has a unique code for each user, but that’s about it for what you’re asking.